Tone your core, stretch, and recover

Flexibility is not as important as you think it is! If you stretch so much that you make your joints unstable you are setting yourself up for injury. Learn the surprising truth about a good flexibility program that honors your stable joints and protects your vulnerable hamstrings all while building balanced muscles, graceful performance, agility, and mind-soothing meditation.



Not flexible at all? Feeling intimidated every time you look through yoga pictures online? Worried that the teacher is totally judging your tight hamstrings? Well, this is the program for you! Flexibility is more than just being able to touch your toes. It's about learning to use your opposing muscles to achieve balance between ease and strength.  (The good teachers aren't judging, just so you know)



Have you ever started a fitness or nutrition plan only to find your motivation wearing thin after awhile? It could be that your mind hasn't been doing its push-ups! Your mind can either support you or sabotage you. Your mind is designed to keep you from danger, so any change can be seen as a threat. Train it out of panic mode, so your mind and body work together smoothly to crush your goals!



Want to learn some fun, challenging sequences that will improve your ninja skills? This program is a mash-up of yoga, tai-chi, pilates toning, and dance conditioning. No experience required. This workout moves a little quicker but still mindful and mellow to improve your ability to do cross-fit style moves more safely and efficiently.