resistance training 1


Warm up: 3-5 rounds

20 step touch with arm swings

20 wide knee bends for inner thighs

20 single leg lunge pulsing on one side at a time

20 side lunge curtseys touching the floor


Core Activation

2-4 rounds

20 Ball Crunches

20 Bicycle Crunches with light weight or medicine ball

1 min alternating side plank

Leg Activation

3-5 rounds:

20 Clam Shells (Hip Abduction)

20 Kneeling Back Leg Extensions

20 Side-lying leg circles

20 Side-lying inner thigh lift up and sweep side


Arm Activation

2-4 rounds

10-20 Tricep push-ups

10-20 arm circles ( light weights optional)

10-20 Doorknob Turns (rotate entire arm forward and back)

10-20 upright rows with weights