3-d core training 3

Warm up: 3-5 rounds

20 step touch with arm swings

20 wide knee bends for inner thighs

20 single leg lunge pulsing on one side at a time

20 side lunge curtseys touching the floor


Core Activation 2-4 rounds

20 kneeling plank with single leg circles

20 kneeling Bird-Dog (curl knee and elbow together and extend arm and leg. Repeat)

1 min toe-tap plank


Leg Activation 3-5 rounds:

10-20 side-lying leg circles small range

10-20 side-lying leg circles large range

10-20 seated quad lift and sweep with or without a band

20 supine plies on the ceiling

20 bridges isolating glutes and hamstrings


Arm Activation 2-4 rounds

10-20 push-ups

10-20 overhead shoulder press

10-20 chest press (arms bent at shoulder height, squeeze elbows together in front)

10-20 Bridge with woodchopper arms overhead