Cardio Variety Show

Keeping you motivated with heart-pounding cardio options! Bash boredom with your choice of dance cardio, run plans, or fat-blasting interval training


DANCE to the music

Do you dance in your house alone when no one's watching? Whether you used to dance in school and got out of practice or you want to shake it for the first time, we've got a dance cardio class for you! All classes are taught progressively with lots of repetition and adding on.


So don't hold back! Offering Hip Hop, Jazz Combos, and Barre Toning. Check out the samples here and vote for your favorites so I can make a Dance Cardio video that you will love to put on replay!


Want a medal?

Does your heart start pumping as soon as someone mentions "finisher's medal?" Have your friends signed up for a fun run or other run-and-party event? Wish you could go, but feel scared to let them see your running times? No more holding back. Time to get your running costume ready, because we're going to help you build speed, endurance, and enthusiasm.  Be the one people call when it's time to run for fun. Offering plans for recreational runners and for athletes looking to improve their times for longer, tougher events from 5k to Marathon. 



One of the best ways to get over that cardio plateau and start defining your body FAST is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). I love this format because it takes very little time to kick-start your metabolism into fat-burning zone. It feels more intense because it makes your heart pump hard and fast right away which will shock your body into higher performance mode. It gets you psyched up to do hard things because if you can push hard and then rest you learn you have the ability to do more than you thought! And the bragging rights are certainly real!