active yoga for athletes & other fidgety people

Yeah, you know you need to stretch. But it's just not as exciting as your workout. I know exactly what you're talking about. I may be a yoga teacher, but I'm a hyperactive dancer, trail runner, triathlete, and recreational thrill-seeker too. Sometimes I wonder how I got into yoga at all!

I know what it's like to be told to slow down and feel a surge of rebellion take hold. You get your highs from heart-pounding, thrilling challenges. When you tell people about your latest injury you want them to give you praise and admiration for pushing the limits of the human condition.

But then they tell you to rest, stretch, cool down instead. Why don't they get it? That's the boring stuff that gets in the way. 

so why are you looking for yoga then?

  • Maybe your coach told you to try yoga, and your coach is the only person you obey.* 
  • Maybe you got benched with tendonitis or plantar fasciitis
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— Jonathan L.