Rebuilding Your Trust in Fats

I grew up in the era where naturally occurring fats got a bad name from theories that trusted too much on math. "Calories = Calories out" isn't exactly true. Just because fat has more than double the calories per gram than carbs or proteins doesn't mean it will translate to inches on your waist. Your body is much more complex than a simple math problem. Let's reintroduce fat as an essential nutrient again, shall we?

How fat keeps you healthy and happy

Do you see people with soft skin, shiny hair, and strong supple nails? Well, fat plays a vital role in keeping you looking young. If eaten intuitively fats will improve your appearance, make you satisfied at every meal, and reduce hunger/craving cycles that lead to weight gain. Quit counting the calories and learn to sense when you are full and satisfied.

the bad fats

I don't believe that there are any bad foods if they occur naturally. What you have to watch out for is when scientists try to solve dietary problems in a test tube. Our bodies evolved along with this planet, so any new scientific formula is going to confuse our bodies and make them store every unknown item as fat. Yikes!

indulgent recipes with healthy fats

Low-fat means high-hunger later! Learn to use healthy fats in delicious recipes.