Long and Lean Strength Training

Strength training is what you want to achieve most of your fitness goals! It is often the thing people ignore or don't understand. First off, let's get the wrong ideas out of your head and see why strength training will fit your goals. 

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Resistance training

No equipment needed but a resistance band, light weights, and your own personal power! Using gravity and your own muscles will create incredible shape and tone for the muscles and set them up to lift heavier weights later on. This program is excellent for beginners to advanced who are looking to maintain muscle tone or trying to build up after a break or set-back.


cardio circuit lifting

If time is pressing, try this short and intense lifting session. It alternates strength with relaxation while giving you a cardio boost! Rest sets are important but take time. A traditional full-body weight routine can take up to 2 hours! But by alternating activities from upper body to lower body, you save time on the rests and get the results you want!


slow strong lifting

Women get the wrong idea about heavy weights, and I'm going to set you straight: women CANNOT bulk up like a man can. So lifting heavy is going to increase your strength and muscle shape, but you would need a lot of testosterone to build muscle size. Women who lift heavy get more fat-torching muscle, better body composition, and feel stronger and more confident!