Easy come, easy go. When it comes to getting fit, making the goal is the fun part. Keeping the momentum of that first excitement is where you're going to experience challenges. It's ok. If you know a challenge is coming then you can put on your game face. It's not about getting intense, it's about feeling curious and playful enough to keep with it.

Sometimes the only thing stopping you is how you see a challenge.

Do you see challenges as frustrating obstacles or daring risks? Guess which mindset is more fun? We can help you find the fun in fitness. Take the mindset of fitness as recess and the pressure is off! Reconnect with your playful side and try these convenient programs to get you loving your recess time! 

Come on! We dare you! 


14 Day Kickstarter challenge

You'll be amazed at how the next 14 days will change your fitness habits! Try out an entire workout plan free for 14 days. You'll get a sample of cardio, core, and strength workouts you can do anywhere!

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somafit 21 Day challenge

I teamed up with Robin Konie, owner of Somafit to give you a 30 day All Access Pass to over 200+ videos to get you re-energized with 5-15 minute workouts you can easily sprinkle throughout your day! 

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