Your Questions about Carbs

Carbohydrates get a bad reputation because the category includes too many non-related items. I mean, who puts quinoa and twinkies in the same nutrition category? Sorry to break it to you, but twinkies is not really food at all, so calling it a carb is giving all the good carbs a bad reputation. Let's clear their name and start over by redefining carbohydrates.

what body types thrive on carbohydrates?

What role do carbohydrates (carbs) play in trimming your body into its best shape? Why do some carbs lead to weight gain while others fuel top athletes?

best carbohydrates for you

Knowing the difference between high quality and low quality carbs will help you design meal plans that satisfy you and nourish you. 

energizing carb recipes

Get tips for preparing high energy snacks and meals, using high quality carbs to fuel your fitness goals!