Arwen's Yoga Manual for Healthy Weight Loss

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Arwen's Yoga Manual for Healthy Weight Loss

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Yoga is more than just posing or stretching. It actually affects your body chemistry in positive ways that generic exercise can’t duplicate. Did you know that weight loss is mostly dependent on nutrition and stress management? Yoga combines physical movements with stress-relieving techniques, breath awareness, and puts gentle pressure on specific parts of the body to promote lifelong weight management. Get your digital manual to guide yourself through poses that optimize your strength and balanced body weight.

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How can yoga help you maintain a healthy weight? A lot of weight gain is hormone-based. Yoga helps balance hormones through posture & breathing techniques. Balancing your hormones means less stress-based consequences like over-eating, excessive exercise, low energy levels, or other symptoms of imbalance in your body.

  • Stress and poor coping methods often lead to weight gain. Yoga philosophy & pose practice lead to healthy mindset and habits

  • Yoga reduces stress and provides simple low-impact movement. It uses isometric exercises to build coordination between your nerves & muscles that is necessary for muscle strength training.

  • Strong muscles increase your metabolism, creating a powerhouse of perpetual energy throughout your day!

  • Yoga trains a healthy mind and teaches you to calm your thoughts and create healthy coping strategies to relieve stress and create connection in relationships.