What if you could get back in dancing shape in just 8 weeks?

I know you. You're determined, focused, and willing to work hard. If you used to dance, I KNOW you are a hard worker, a dreamer, and an achiever. Anyone who rehearses 6+ hours daily for decades is either crazy or excellent!

But life can hit you in unexpected ways. You thought you would dance forever or that you would at least find ways to keep connected through YouTube dance videos or local classes. But then you graduate and dance opportunities are competitive or not available in your area.

Maybe you started a family and had to adapt your choreography around this new life you created. Dancing opportunities for adults are scarce or your work schedule makes it hard to get the rigorous dance training you had in college or at the studio.

Or… maybe there are plenty of opportunities to dance… it’s just that your dancing isn’t what it used to be. You attend mixed-level classes and can’t keep up with the others. So you might have stopped attending from the embarrassment of knowing where you used to be and where you are now.

Ah! Perfectionism makes it hard to enjoy the dance!

If you are no longer in the professional or academic dance world, you miss your projects, friends, and the rush of performing and creating. Working out as a dancer was mixed with fun, creativity, expression, and technical focus.

Working out at the gym can feel boring, painful, or isolating.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Instead of crushing your workouts, you feel crushed by them

  • Your body is hoarding some "just-in-case" fat rolls

  • Your splits are back to square one

  • You can’t remember all the technical details you had drilled into you by your teachers

  • Your cravings seem out of control - especially when you are working out consistently

  • You get weird little aches and your body is always tense

  • You can’t shake the stress or anxiety and now you don’t have dance training to help you work through it

  • You think about going back to dance class but you feel too embarrassed by how much skill and fitness you have lost

You know that fitness is more than just looking good - but you'd still like to see your years of hard work pay off. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could find a program that is motivating, expressive AND gave you back your dancer’s body?

Guess what? You can.



Radiant is an 8-week fitness program that will transform your body, mind, and emotions.

What was it like being a dancer? A rigorous schedule packed full of classes or rehearsals? A random diet without much nutritional advice?

While many dancers get plenty of technical training at some point in their lives, the emotion management is almost non-existent.

Dance teachers are trained to teach dance and expression. But the emotional trouble that can come along with the high-stress dance world is not practiced as much.

The good news is that mind-body dance fitness is great at helping to manage emotional troubles. The key is learning the skills of meditation and emotional release through movement.

I've combined the best of dance-based fitness training with motivating mindset and mindful meal strategies to bring you a step-by-step program that will help you get the results you want.

Here's what's YOU GET:

  • Weekly workouts delivered straight to your inbox - I show you exactly what to do and how to exercise the right way

  • Weekly LIVE group calls for fitness analysis & emotion coaching

  • Educational materials to help you understand how your body works

  • An easy-to-follow digital fitness tracker workbook to keep you focused and accountable

  • Mind-blowing motivation and meditation tricks to help you achieve the proper mindset

  • Access to the Radiant Facebook group for community support and fun

  • Lifetime access to all materials!

  • Mindset-changing meditations MP3 downloads

I'm going to guide you through the entire process to help you get the alignment, mindset, and focus you need to succeed. 

The next session starts Sept 3, 2018!

Register by August 19th for Early Bird Pricing of just $349

Space is limited. Take advantage of early bird pricing today!

Need extra motivation? How about an extra $100 in your pocket?

I'm serious about your success. This program isn't for the wishy-washy dreamers. It's for people like you who are focused and excited to reach your goals. Whether you’re a current dancer, a former dancer, or even a wanna-be dancer, the DESIRE has to be there. I like working with people who are dedicated and eager to make change in their lives.

The Radiant Program is an investment in your health and happiness.

I'm going to put in the hours to make sure you see the changes you want. But I need you to put in the hours too. That's why I'm offering to give you back a hundred bucks if you finish the entire course on time. That's no gimmick. It's my promise to keep you motivated to see this program through to the end.

Why? Because I know you'll see and feel a difference in your body when you stay committed.

Meet Your Instructor: Arwen Rogers

Emergency abdominal surgery left me bed-ridden for 6 weeks, and I didn't rehab my core completely for over a year. I went from fully active, performing, and teaching to being unable to lift 5 lbs. It hurt to move. 

That year I struggled physically and mentally. It was the lowest I had ever felt in my life.

This setback made me determined to return to full recovery. It was painful and frustrating because of the seriousness of the injury. But, with patience and curiosity, I drew from my training in yoga, pilates, dance, meditation, emotion processing, and athletic training to create workouts that rebuilt my core from the inside out.

Now, at age 41, I'm enjoying the fittest body of my life!

My mission is to help you do the same.

I have been teaching for over 20 years. I'm passionate about showing people the secrets professional dancers and athletes use to create coordinated and powerful bodies. 

You don't need special skills to find results. You will be thrilled with how quickly you can pick up the workout habits of elite athletes and dancers. Whether you used to dance or you just wish you could, this program is designed to get you the coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility you need to bust your moves.

Trust me, you can do this!

A peek at my credentials:

You shouldn't trust just anyone with your health and fitness. Here's the short list of my training and experience. I'm prepared to take you to the next level:

  • MFA and BA in Dance Performance & Choreography from University of Utah and Brigham Young University, 30+ years dance training, performing, choreographing

  • 8 years training and mentoring university dance majors’ conditioning, technique, and creativity

  • 18+ years' teaching experience in Yoga

  • Yoga Alliance 200 Hr Certified, ERYT 200 training new yoga teachers

  • AIReal Yoga Certified

  • Balanced Body Barre Certified

  • ACE Personal Trainer Certified

  • Current triathlete and ultra-runner


when does the course start?

The magic begins on Sunday September 2nd. I will send you your first workout video so you can be ready to start the week fresh on Monday. You will receive a link to a survey that will ask your availability for the LIVE sessions - but they will most likely be on Tuesday or Wednesday evening. 


what if i can't make it to the live classes?

No problem! You get the workouts emailed to you at the beginning of each week with instructions to get the most out of them. The LIVE classes will be recorded and I will send you the video and audio files after each session.

You can watch, listen, and revisit all the materials on your own time. Set your own schedule to stay on track, and find what works for you. Best part? Everything is yours to keep and use forever. 

We also have a Facebook Group you can join today to motivate and inspire you every step of the way.


What is the time commitment?

You'll be sent 3 mini workout videos each week. We will focus on specific skills each week so you can build strong technique. Each mini workout is 20-30 minutes long so you can easily fit it into your day. I recommend doing 1-2 workouts 3-6 days per week depending on your enthusiasm and stamina.

I also recommend finding simple ways to move around more during your day to make the results even more effective.

There is also one live session each week where we'll dive into health topics, technique, and mental wellness that will be about 1 hour long. If you can't make it to the live class, you can always listen/watch on your own time as you get access to the recorded files when it's over.

Before the LIVE session you will send me a quick email telling me about your experience that week. I will provide a form so this is an easy process. This is your space to vent, ask questions, and get personalized feedback. I will email feedback to you individually or address your concerns anonymously in the group call. This way we can all feel comfortable working together to help everyone succeed.



The workouts are designed to do at home. If you have space for a yoga mat you should be good to go. On occasion I'll offer some exercises that would benefit from having a little more space, but if you're living in tight conditions, you'll still be able to benefit from the program.


Is it worth the investment?

How much money have you wasted on expensive gym memberships that didn’t have the type of classes or training you enjoy? How much time have you wasted trying to figure out what works for you with free YouTube videos?

In my experience, having an instructor who is present to give feedback along the way is much more effective than doing solo training.

You could easily expect to pay a thousand dollars for this type of expert training. Believe me: I taught dance in the universities and I know what tuition can cost.

Your health, confidence, and success are definitely worth the investment. And remember, if you finish the ENTIRE course on time I'll give you $100 - no questions asked. I'm serious about your success.


i can't dance to save my life! do i have to be a dancer or athlete to complete this course?


Here’s a secret: dance conditioning is unique. Whether you’re a newcomer or an expert, a lot of the exercises are the same. Professional dancers never stop doing basics if they want to refine their art. That means dance training is good for any level of experience!

That means you can pick it up and be successful whether you are a pro or not.

All the training techniques are fun, easy to learn, and have plenty of repetition so you will get the movement. You'll also be learning to move with your deep core muscles so you'll get good at the moves much more quickly!

Remember: the goal is to get your dancing body back. That means we are starting from a strong core foundation. Whether you are just getting back into shape, preparing for an audition, or just want to maintain your training over a break — The Radiant Program is designed for you.

Some moves may be more challenging, but I build the class progressively so you will be ready for them. If something is too challenging at the time, try one of the modifications and you'll get the same benefit with less intensity.


do you offer refunds?

Yes. I am confident you will love the program, the discussions, and the amazing results. But if you start the course and feel like it's not for you, just send proof that you did the homework and really gave it your best effort, and I'll give you back every penny.


do you have scholarships for the program?

I am offering one free space in my program! To make sure that this scholarship goes to someone who will use it, I am asking you to join SomaFit in order to be entered into the contest. I want this space to go to someone who is dedicated and willing to put in the work.

When you join SomaFit you will have lifetime access to a library of over 250+ mind-body fitness videos that are quick and easy to follow. I have worked with almost all the teachers in this library and I can personally say that they are some of the top experts in the field of mindful movement.

All the workouts are designed to be done in sections of 5-15 minutes so you can move more throughout your day!

I am also a featured instructor on SomaFit and have contributed 25+ videos! This will give you a chance to try out the mind-body workouts you will experience in The Radiant Program.

The best part is that you pay one price of $47 for lifetime access to great fitness instructors with no subscriptions, renewals, or gimmicks. Just great fitness for less than the price of one personal training session!



Other questions? Just ask!

I'm happy to answer any questions to help you determine if the program is right for you (because, honestly, it's not for everyone). Use the contact form to send your questions my way and I'll get back to you within 1 business day.

Remember, space is limited. Take advantage of early bird pricing today!

The Radiant Program is $399 - But, if you register by August 19th the price is only $349.