Straighten your posture with your mind power


Tight muscles often mean your posture is not centered. When the bones and muscles align directly with the pull of gravity there is natural ease. Too often I see people try to force good posture by pushing and contracting muscles until they look like constipated statues! Posture is not something you force, but something your mind can create if given the right images to think about.

Your mind organizes itself more efficiently with a combination of literal instruction and visual imagery. Here's a visualization you can use to get your mind to create perfect posture. If you think it often enough you will become it!


  1. TAILBONE & LEGS: Imagine two spiraling columns of energy starting at the base of your pelvis and rotating inward like two cog wheels. Feel your legs rooting into the ground so there is slight activity in all the leg muscles. Feel the feet spread into the floor like pancake batter. Legs are strong, drilling into the floor while the feet are soft, relaxed and receptive.
  2. LOWER BACK & HIPS: Imagine a figure 8 pattern moving back and forth inside the hips and lower back. The energy helps your back and abs equalize their efforts so the muscles have a balance of strength and flexibility. Feel the tailbone drop down between your heels. Don't squeeze your butt or tuck your tailbone forward. This is not natural or comfortable! Finally, imagine your belly button lifting in and up toward the spine. 
  3. MID BACK & LOWER RIBS: Imagine a sun radiating energy and confidence outward and then contracting inward. Feel the mid back spread wide like wings and the abs feel strong and supple. Be sure to imagine this solar image glowing in a 3-dimensional pattern so you can feel all areas of the torso activating.
  4. UPPER BACK & CHEST: Imagine a flower blooming in time-lapsed photography. There is an feeling of encircling energy like giving someone a hug. The energy from your upper body fuels your arms and hands. Allow this blossoming and enfolding energy to create ease in the shoulders, soften the breath, and allow the heart to beat more serenely.
  5. NECK & JAW: Imagine a slow whirlwind rotating clockwise and then counterclockwise. Allow the soft breath to release tight neck and jaw muscles. The more clearly you visualize the image the more the mind can organize the nerves and muscles to create the reality.
  6. FOREHEAD & FACE: Imagine your thoughts simplifying as paragraphs of worries and fears get edited to sentences. Take the sentences and edit them to one word. If that word is negative, imagine it transforming into a positive word that soothes the negative issue. Learning to empty your mind is like cleaning out your inbox. You can see the truly important issues when the clutter is gone. Focus your mind on only one positive word and take deep breaths to practice letting go of worry and unnecessary mind chatter.
  7. CROWN OF THE HEAD: Imagine a 1,000 petaled lotus flower crafted of prisms resting just above your head. This radiant image represents the power you will feel when you have mastered your alignment and managed your thoughts. Infinite possibilities open to you when your body is aligned, strong, and relaxed. A happy, balanced body allows you to unlock more mind-power. 

Approach this meditation with a neutral mindset. Recognize that it will take practice to feel the benefits. The first time I tried meditation I had so much tension and worry that I was unable to sit still. I thought I was no good at meditating and gave up on it right away. Don't make my mistake!

Meditation is meant to bring problems to the surface where you can deal with them clearly. As you practice, you will find it easier to feel peaceful. The whole point of meditation is to find the unconscious troubles that interfere with your life and bring them to the surface where they can begin to evaporate. You have to feel uncomfortable at first as these hidden troubles come up. It's just part of the process. 

If you are interested in more guidance and feedback, try one of my  meditation mp3 downloads. You can access it by emailing me and I'll send it directly to you