Weird Fitness Crazes: Catching the Herd

Found an old dance picture or two and it got me thinking.

We will do the strangest things if the entire group is doing it. And we'll see it as normal! This describes my entire life as a dancer, wearing all kinds of funny costumes. Hey, they look good under stage lights!


How do you like my clogging outfit for the Richfield 4th of July parade? Yea, 'Merica!

I've been fascinated by all the funny things people will do in a group setting. What we normally wouldn't do on our own becomes standard just by putting more people in the group.

Look at the group fitness crazes over the years: Buns of Steel, Flashdance aerobics, Zumba, Water Aerobics, HIIT, aerobic drumming, aerial yoga-- you name it!

I love them all! It's never a dull moment being a teacher of many styles. People come into the class with eyes wide and arms folded to avoid being spotted by the teacher and the pros in the sparkly unitards at the front row.

Not sure how folding your arms and looking down makes you less visible, but people seem to think it works.

I see the hunted look they get when they come into unfamiliar territory, out of their comfortable living rooms and into the studio with this new crowd and pounding music. 

It's satisfying to watch them try something new and surprise themselves. I love seeing that fear transform to happiness. They come back again and form friendships and bonds they would never have found unless they did the crazy thing. 

Group fitness has been my passion from an early age. It began with "Mouse-R-Cise" with the Mickey Mouse Club and dancing around to classical music records in my house with my brothers and sisters.

Herd mentality begins at home. 

Your family is another level of weirdness. We used to pile up sleeping bags on the stairs, perform opera to vinyl records and then fall downstairs in a pretend shipwreck! 

We all thought this was really normal and we did it everyday.

Thank goodness we go to school and learn from other children otherwise I don't know if we would be sociable enough to take out in public!

I taught my first aerobics class when I was 13 in junior high. I came prepared with Janet Jackson cassette tape, wearing a sparkly sweatband, pink leggings and a pink cheetah leotard on top (of course). Shy in every other part of school, I think I shocked everyone.

Suddenly the gym transformed to FlashDance! I shouted at the girls to squeeze their buns and lift their knees. To my surprise and everyone else's they OBEYED. After 45 minutes we were all sweating and laughing and talking to each other where before we were probably critiquing the height of our curly bangs. 

Working out in a group is bonding, and weirdness isn't always mocked. Even the popular girls thanked me for kicking their butts! 

Wish I had a picture of that leotard.

Instead I'll share a picture of just one of the many dance costumes I've worn in my years as a performer. See those smiles? We loved dancing inside a giant hamster ball wearing these bright leisure suits and carrying glowing lights. Group mentality makes life way more fun!


That's why I created online fitness so you can always have a crazy herd who gets it. And I won't make you wear a leotard unless you really want to. All the workouts can be done online whether you're at home or at the gym and need a personal trainer at your convenience. Want in? Join The Radiant Program

Think about some of the fitness crazes you've tried. Write me back in the comments and let me know.