Hot yoga 26 poses kicks butt!

Teaching Hot Yoga 26 Postures is something I never thought I would ever do!

  1. It's 104 degrees with 40% humidity
  2. It's the same 26 poses every single time
  3. There's no dance-like flow to keep things interesting
  4. You stare at yourself in a mirror the whole time
  5. The instructor talks non-stop telling you to push through
  6. All your muscles yell at you while you're in the pose

This seems like the last thing that could possibly be fun! And in my book, if it's not fun there's no point in keeping it.. . .

But. . .

After every class everyone reports that the bliss afterwards is incredible and can't be duplicated with easier exercises! 

Why would you feel so good after suffering so much?

  1. The strategy of this form of yoga is to compress and relax muscles to tone the arteries and veins
  2. Compression and relaxation help the body regulate hormones and moods
  3. Compression and relaxation help tone the entire body inside and out without vigorous high-impact activity
  4. Instead of living with old injuries and limitations, this form of yoga makes you confront the problem and correct it
  5. The mental discipline you develop from remaining calm under real pressure is priceless
  6. You get balance, strength, and flexibility all at once

I've watched clients of all ages transform in a matter of weeks. Skin starts to glow; tension eases out of their faces; feet get more stable; muscles become lean and flexible; concentration improves; and peaceful confidence radiates from their posture and eyes!

They may feel challenged in the middle of the class but afterwards everyone breathes deeper and smiles longer!

Hot Yoga is addicting!