The one thing you're not doing in your quest for abs.

Crunches? Check. Planks. Check. Russian Twists. Check. 

If you're like most people you probably spend a lot of time working those abs. You know the value of a strong core. But do you know that one of the most essentials elements of having a strong core is your breath?

Yep, sculpted abs are just a breath away! Well, really there’s more to it than that, but your breath is crucial for getting the most out of your core exercises.

Here are a few reasons breathing matters for a strong core:


Breath is life - Breath is energy

Before you roll your eyes and say "But I already breathe," let me tell you the difference between Respiration and Core Breathing.

Respiration is automatic. You take it for granted because it is an unconscious process when at rest and has some of conscious control when you are working out. Your body will keep you alive but there is more power behind the breath when you can use it consciously to enhance your workout performance.

Core Breathing can be a full ab workout on its own. Using deep muscles to bring even more oxygen into your system will create more powerful performance since you have more fuel to work with. It will give the added bonus of sculpting strong muscles in the core. It will also improve your mental and emotional function.

how breathing energizes you

On the chemical level oxygen and other gases combine in the body to create every metabolic reaction you have.

Energy is not a magical concept. It is a physical law. Shallow breathing keeps energy production at a hum-drum snooze pace.

Full diaphragm breathing can increase your energy and endurance simply by bringing more oxygen into the body.

That means you have higher metabolism and get the most out of your workout by having more fuel for your muscles to work with.

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Breathing is a natural belt

It stabilizes your spine and can reverse back pain. It helps you brace when lifting and makes you use less effort in other parts of the body.

Deep breathing uses all sorts of deep abdominal muscles. Learn to activate the deepest layers of the abs and you’ll start cinching in that waistline. I teach all my clients specific breathing patterns that will accentuate the shape of your ideal abs. Learn more about the Radiant Program here.

Breath and core working together will create the shape you want and the strength to do amazing feats.

When you work from the core you find greater strength radiates from the inside to your arms and legs so your entire body feels connected and powerful.


Rhythmic breathing tones from the inside out

Rhythmic breathing is the key to making your ab exercises work a lot faster. Too many people just crank out some crunches with a shallow breath. I’ve combined specific breathing patterns from Pilates and Yoga that I teach to my clients.

Try breathing in and out through the nose. Do it slowly first to increase your lung capacity. Then try emphasizing rapid exhales to train the diaphragm to pump inward and upward, creating deep ab work.


Need some guided breathing?

If you sign up for the Radiant course You’re going to learn how to breathe correctly in every exercise to sculpt a lean core, increase your energy level throughout the day, and soothe your mood.