Smarter workouts and mind-body awareness bring power and peace into your moves without injury. Learn the secrets for toning up, graceful movement patterns, and ways to maximize your performance in your favorite activities with sample video links or personalized plans!


BodyMinding mission

Freeing your mind will help you see that you can always change yourself for the better no matter what age or circumstances you get handed! There's a tendency to believe that we were at the peak of health in our 20's when our entire adult life can be just as vibrant and powerful! The 20's are a little over-rated. With smarter workouts, mindful movement, and strategic recovery you can out-do your younger self. You've already built the muscle memory in your favorite activity, so all it takes is reconnecting the mindset and the workout sets together again! Plug the mind back into the body to create a never-ending cycle of energy!

We help former athletes and dancers get back to the activities they love! There is no reason to give up the things that make you happy. 

Setback or Comeback?

I grew up dancing and running, and took every workshop or fitness class I could find. I love to move in expressive and skillful ways! So emergency abdominal surgery at age 35 was life-changing. Since I was bedridden for 6 weeks and took an entire year before I could return to the activities I loved, it forced me to relearn all the physical skills I had taken for granted as a teacher, athlete, and performer.

Thankfully I did gradually get better by reconnecting the mind and body through mindful movement. With practice I was doing everything I loved again with even more awareness, intelligence, and power! I feel so grateful that now I want to pass on the exercises and the mind power to get you back to your most vibrant self!

Healthy Body+Healthy Mind

training methods we use

Having a background in multiple areas of fitness has helped me design classes and programs that can help you experience a unique workout that feels like recess! You can choose to focus in on one area or combine fitness methods like I have for a well-balanced and powerful body!

  • Dance: Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Improvisation
  • Cardio: Endurance Races and Fun Runs and Interval Training
  • Yoga: Power, Flow, and Meditation Practices
  • Pilates & Barre: Core and Balance with Precise Alignment
  • Strength Training: Dynamic Weight-lifting and Resistance Band Training

Certifications and Credentials

  • MFA and BA in Modern Dance Performance & Choreography
  • Certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor 200 H with Yoga Alliance
  • Balance Body Barre Certified and Extensive Pilates Workshops and Teaching Experience
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer